Botox Injections for Headaches

The Honolulu Pain Management Clinic LLC uses Botox to improve headache symptoms and quality of life for patients with chronic migraine.




Botox Injections for Headaches – Botulinum neurotoxin (Botox) is injected into the head and neck to treat chronic migraine headaches. Botox injections have been approved in the US and UK for prevention of chronic migraines but do not appear to work for episodic migraines. Approval followed evidence presented to the agency from two studies showing a very slight improvement in incidence of chronic migraines for migraine sufferers undergoing the Botox treatment. Since then, several randomized control trials have shown botulinum toxin type A to improve headache symptoms and quality of life when used prophylactically for patients with chronic migraine, who exhibit headache characteristics consistent with: pressure perceived from outside source, shorter total duration of chronic migraines (<30 years), “detoxification” of patients with coexisting chronic daily headache due to medication overuse, and no current history of other preventive headache medications. [1]