The Honolulu Pain Management Clinic LLC only takes patients by referral. Please provide your physician with this information on the process.


Who should be referred and when

A referral to Honolulu Pain Management Clinic should be considered once trials of appropriate treatment modalities in the first few weeks or months, after onset of pain, has been deemed unsuccessful. The most appropriate time may vary according to the patient’s condition. Patients should be adequately informed of the purpose of their referral before they attend and appropriate expectations should be encouraged. It is critical that the patient does not gain the inaccurate perception that the referral represents disbelief or abandonment by the referring physician. Indeed, it should be emphasized that the pain service involvement will be time limited in the patient’s ongoing care will be provided by his or her primary practitioners. While there is evidence that services offered by Honolulu pain management clinic is generally useful in terms of effectiveness and cost savings, there is a need for our clinic to balance the numbers of patients returning for repeat appointments in order to increase the availability of such services for new patients.

Considering the types of services offered by our multidisciplinary pain clinic the patient suitable for referral would typically require assessment and management of their pain and related symptoms, as well as rehabilitative interventions. They may have a well founded diagnosis but no curative treatment options may be available. Alternatively, they may have no diagnosis but services pathology has been excluded.

Preparation for referral

Once the referring physician has identified the need for a comprehensive, multidisciplinary assessment the Honolulu Pain Management Clinic’s team of professionals will be happy to assist in the care of your patient. We realize that individual specialists may well be able to manage the medical aspects of the case but they may lack the ready access to other providers ¬†such as medical psychologists and physiotherapists that our multidisciplinary pain clinic would provide.Our services will be in” operation with you at all. Diagnosis, evaluation and recommended treatment information be provided promptly to you. We appreciate your referrals to the Honolulu Pain Management Clinic.

Please provide the following when scheduling a patient for an initial consultation.

  • Patient name and date of birth
  • Probable diagnosis
  • Insurance/referral information
  • Brief medical information/progress notes
  • Results of any metabolic or radiologic exams completed prior to the referral.

Use the following forms when getting a referral from your physician:

Referral Forms