The Honolulu Pain Management Clinic LLC conducts a complete evaluation of each patient.





First steps in the evaluation process

After the referral for the consultation is made, the patient will receive by mail:

  • A pain questionnaire *
  • A personal data form
  • Information about Honolulu Pain Management Clinic

* The questionnaire is extensive but extremely valuable for the initial evaluation. Patients are instructed to complete the questionnaire prior to their appointment and bring it with them to their first appointment.

Medical evaluation

The patient will be throughly evaluated by our multi-disciplinary team which includes a Fellowship Trained Physician, who is Board Certified in Chronic Pain Management.


Psychological evaluation

Along with the medical valuation, some patients will be seen by the pain psychologist for an evaluation. The purpose of this psychological evaluation is to assess psychosocial factors such as depression, anxiety, level and quality of available psychological supports, coping strategies, current stressors and beliefs regarding pain may that serve to exacerbate, maintain or even ameliorate the painful condition. Intervention by this psychologist is given individually and is primarily devoted to the amelioration of psychological factors that exacerbate pain in addition to the acquisition of coping skills to reduce and manage pain and stress strategies to improve the patient’s level of function will be provided.


Physical therapy evaluation

Patients may also be seen by the physical therapist. He will work with each patient to understand his or her pain, what causes it and what can be done to manage it. This is the kind of attention that a primary care physician may not have the time to give but the physical therapist can ask questions and talk about pain issues as the patient is going through his or her exercise routine.




Treatment planning

Our multi disciplinary team will provide recommendations about the proposed treatment for suggested medication regimen to the referring physician and/or a treatment plan will be mailed/fax to the insurance company requesting said authorization. This sometimes delays treatment. After authorization has been obtained, our office staff will contact the patient to arrange an appointment.