Osteopathic Manipulation

The Honolulu Pain Management Clinic LLC sometimes uses this technique alone or in combination to treat back pain and other musculoskeletal issue.




Osteopathic Manipulation – Osteopathic manipulative (OM) medicine is a core set of techniques of osteopathy and osteopathic medicine. OM techniques are most commonly used to treat back pain and other musculoskeletal issues. OM is based on the idea that a myofascial continuity “links every part of the body with every other part”; a practitioner, through a “skillful and dexterous use of the hands” treats what was originally called “the osteopathic lesion”, but which is now named “somatic dysfunction”. Osteopathic manipulative treatment is considered to be only one component of osteopathic medicine and may be used alone or in combination with pharmacotherapy, rehabilitation, surgery, patient education, diet, and exercise. [1]