Spinal Cord Simulator Implants

The Honolulu Pain Management Clinic LLC utilizes spinal cord stimulation technology to provide substantial relief from pain.




Spinal Cord Simulator Implants – A spinal cord stimulator is a device used to apply pulsed electrical signals to the spinal cord. It is mostly used to control chronic pain, but can also be used to control spinal spasticity or to augment standing and stepping capabilities. The simplest spinal cord stimulator consists of: stimulating electrodes implanted in the epidural space; an electrical pulse generator implanted in the lower abdominal area or gluteal region; conducting wires connecting the electrodes to the generator; and the generator remote control. Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) can produce substantial relief from pain, and is currently used mostly in the treatment of failed back surgery syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome and refractory pain due to ischemia. SCS is a useful option when other forms of therapy fail. It reduces pain medication and side effects. It is effective in about 50–70% cases. [1]