Myofascial Pain

The Honolulu Pain Management Clinic LLC will assist in developing a comprehensive treatment for this debilitating condition.



Myofascial Pain syndrome is characterized by chronic pain in multiple myofascial trigger points (“knots”) and fascial (connective tissue) constrictions. It can appear in any body part. Characteristic features of a myofascial trigger points include: focal point tenderness, reproduction of pain upon trigger point palpation, hardening of the muscle upon trigger point palpation, pseudo-weakness of the involved muscle, referred pain, and limited range of motion following approximately 5 seconds of sustained trigger point pressure. Myofascial pain is pain in muscles or fascia (a type of connective tissue that surrounds muscles). It can occur in distinct, isolated areas of the body. Because any muscle or fascia in the body may be affected, this may cause a variety of localized symptoms. Knots may be visible or felt beneath the skin. The pain does not resolve on its own, even after typical first-aid self-care such as ice, heat, and rest. Generally speaking, the muscular pain is steady, aching, and deep. [1]